KREAKURS – bildnerische und mentale Gestaltung

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If you are on the way to live out your creative potential, I can support you.

There is the possibility of coaching for the written examination of creative ideas and plans. You prepare by writing something about your project. Based on your record, which you send to idee (at), we will talk about it in a skype conference and work on realizing your creative potential. This is more about the process than the product.

Furthermore, I can help you in the development of a creative product. It could be a work of art for the wall, an interior, a piece of jewelry or a craft (ideas can be found in the Ideas section). You get photos sent and I can show you live in the webcam how it’s done. Or in my Wohnatelier if you live in the Munich area.
“I can not dismiss my dreams without notice.
I still owe my life to them. “

Imagination is an elementary instrument of consciousness that significantly enriches your life. If you want to rediscover your creativity, you are in the right place!

Do you remember your childhood and youth? You can experience in my Krea class that the same freshness and inner freedom are still in you ….

Just tell me about your dreams and wishes, in person or by email. I will help you on your way to the goal. I would like to accompany you and open your eyes for your environment as well as your inner world. You will be amazed how colorful, exciting and happy imaginative thoughts and conversations can be.

Everybody needs creativity and imagination to cope with everyday life and to always find individual solutions to new challenges. Many people think they can not do crafts, paint or write, or think of something imaginative. I mean, that’s a practice question. Be inspired and give me the opportunity to show you possibilities.


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